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Unlimited Design International, Inc. is the authorized US Agent of Okadora CO. LTD for the sale and installation of the Okadora Waste Managements Systems.

The Okadora system is the only way to cope with industrial waste treatment. All types of industrial waste can be processed by the one unit of the Okadora system, including decayed matter, waste liquids, solid matter with water content (sewage sludge), raw garbage, fishery products, chemical waste liquids, medical waste, used tires, etc. Those waste matters can be processed in direct manner by Okadora system, either Boil & Dry or Carbonizing, according to final purpose.

The Okadora system is capable of treating all industrial wastes, with a water content of 99 down to 50%. Furthermore, the Okadora system is completely non-polluting, processing the wastes without producing any waste water or hazardous smells at all. Additionally, the space needed for the apparatus is only one quarter of that needed for traditional systems.

With the continuing increasing cost of fuel the New "Carbonizing Fusion and Gasifying Power Generation System", jointly developed by the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) and OKADORA Co. Ltd, is a ground-breaking power generation system which permits the simultaneous use of the woody group biomass and municipal waste group biomass (including kitchen garbage), which is obviously plentiful within the collection areas of all municipalities. By this method a high efficiency of power generation can be achieved, even at minor-scale facilities.

The photos shown are of the products that Unlimited Design International, Inc can offer to its customers highlighting Okadora Co. Ltd. Main office that is located in Yokohama, Japan.

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